"Dreams" My first 360degree movie

Thanks to the help of Reel Grrls Media Arts Program (Seattle, WA), I learned to make my first 360degree movie! I came up with the horror movie concept, wrote the script, directed the scenes. Also thanks to Northwest Film Forum for letting me use Adobe Premiere Pro and their other equipment to edit and produce the film. It was so much fun It's definitely something I want to get better at and I definitely want to make more movies.  If you look closely, I make a cameo appearance in my movie as the monster! Scroll below to check out a few screenshots from the film and a few photos of me in full makeup and costume 😊 I also included a few pics from the night my of film debut at 12th Avenue Arts, Seattle, WA.

This movie is best viewed on a 360 headset or on a touchscreen device. The movie was filmed with a 360 degree camera so if viewing on a touch screen, slowly swipe left or right to pan around the view if you loose focus of  the main action on screen.