March's Featured Artist @ Victrola Coffee - Beacon Hill

Thank you Victrola Coffee! I’m proud to be the featured artist at your Beacon Hill location for the month of March

24x32 prints and 4x6 art boards are available for purchase.

February's featured artist @ The Lounge by AT&T!

Imagine how thrilled I was last month when the folks at The Lounge by AT&T contact me about being their February featured artist for the 2/14 Capitol Hill Art Walk ! What a great way to start the new year 🎉🙌🏾 I will be at the Lounge for the February Art Walk and my artwork will be on display all month. I mean how cool is that?!! Come by and have a great time with us. I’ll have my popup shop set up and lots of great art, apparel and other merchandise available. Thank you AT&T. Collaborating with you to make this happen has been exciting, fun and truly an honor!

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 4.52.17 PM.png

Hoodies So Lit🔥

 These pics give me life! My Great Aunt Camelia showing us all how it’s done all the way from downtown Detroit! She looks so amazing rockin her new blue hoodie featuring my #blackgirlmagic design😍😍. She’s also an entrepreneur who helps people feel better and look younger (check out her website: and YES superpowers really do run in my family!😁


Wow! What a Summer ☀️

Hello Art Lovers,

Summer 2018 was a crazy busy one for me but the best part has been meeting so many wonderful new customers who are connecting with me on social media and stopping by my booth to shop and chat with me at the various festivals and markets where I was a vendor this summer. Check out this photo gallery of great memories from this summer and all the beautiful people I’ve met along the way!

I haven’t updated my blog in a while but I plan to start blogging again more soon. I’ve been hard at work making more fun and interesting products featuring my artwork that I hope you’ll love and trying to get my products in front of more folks like you who are looking for cool merchandise that they won’t find anywhere else.

It’s exciting to see interest growing from social media (thanks to all who share my Instagram and Facebook posts!) and from word of mouth referrals! If you’re a customer, THANK YOU for your business and stay tuned for exclusive offers and discounts for my loyal customers. If you’re happy with your purchase, please send me a photo of you with the item you purchased - I’d love to feature you on my blog! Also please consider leaving a social media or Amazon review because it really helps a lot.

Yours truly,


I love my customers!

Her makeup and accessories deserve to be carried in the very best. She says she really loves her new bag and that makes me happy!



I love my customers!

Lookin' so very cool enjoying her new SolarSystar coffee mug: Media Producer, webmaster, photographer, poet, wife and mother of 2 - Sonya Telfair!
Her biggest superpowers: giving of her time, talent, and advice. Sonya is blessed with the resource of talent, an ear to hear, and a heart to empathize and loves helping people however she can. “I may not do it on a large scale with a platform, but I believe that i impact people's lives.... and that makes me happy,” she said.

Thank you Mrs. Telfair for you support!


I love my customers!

Guess who’ll be writing down her brilliant thoughts in her new SolarSystar Notebook?? Channen Rozier Dawso!!
FinTech Leader, Product Manager, Banking Innovator, Great Cook, my Aunt
Her superpowers:  trailblazing, bringing beauty and balance to the world, and being an Aunt who rocks!! 

Thank you Auntie Chan for your support :-) 

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 9.59.28 AM-COLLAGE.jpg

I love my customers!

Rockin’ her new SolarSystar T-shirt: Deidre Ali
Technologist, Philosopher, Organizer, Great Cook
Her superpower:  breaking barriers and being an awesome Mom to me and my sister
Thank you Mom for being my first customer!


I love my customers!

Rockin’ her new SolarSystar T-shirt: Author Patrice McLaurin
Writer, visionary, activist, and character coach
Her superpower:  instilling a sense of pride in young people through her gift of brilliant storytelling
Thank you Mrs. McLaurin for your support!


I love my customers!

Rockin’ her new SolarSystar T-shirt: Dr. Marci Wright
Scientist, humanitarian, activist, and naturalist
Her superpower: the ability to create serenity
Thank you Dr. Wright for your support!

I love Mandarin

I took my first Mandarin lesson in 8th grade in 2016 at the Confucius Chinese Culture and Language Institute in Huntsville, AL.  I remember thinking I would never get the hang of it. But I've stuck with it and as a high school Freshman I was able to enroll in Mandarin 2 and I am fortunate to have a great teacher Mrs. Chiu. It has been challenging at times but also fun. My plan is to take Mandarin 3 my sophomore year next year and I hope to become more fluent. 

Right now, I'm working on an idea for a Chinese children's book. Once I'm done, I think kids will really like it!

Music in my DNA

I've been playing the upright double bass since I was 12 year old. I started high school this year and my schedule has been kinda hectic so I haven't dedicated as much time to playing as I used to but I know I'll pick back up with it soon. I read music and play mostly classical and chamber music and only a little jazz.  My first teacher was the accomplished jazz and classical bassist Mr. Devere pride of Huntsville, AL. I played bass in Symphonic and Concert Band throughout middle school in Alabama where my middle school band teacher, Mr. Hendrix also taught me conducting. When I moved to Seattle, WA I studied double bass in the Suzuki playing style with the incomparable Mrs. Anna Doak. 

2018 Get Global Youth Conference

This school year I've been participating in the One World Now Global Leadership Academy. It's been fun learning and meeting new friends. I pitched in and helped plan this year's "Get Global Youth Conference" which was held Saturday April 21, 2018 on the campus of the University of Washington. It was an honor and pleasure to have one of my paintings on display at the entrance of the event. Check out this great video about the Leadership Academy: and check out more about the Youth Conference here:



"Dreams" My first 360degree movie

Thanks to the help of Reel Grrls Media Arts Program (Seattle, WA), I learned to make my first 360degree movie! I came up with the horror movie concept, wrote the script, directed the scenes. Also thanks to Northwest Film Forum for letting me use Adobe Premiere Pro and their other equipment to edit and produce the film. It was so much fun It's definitely something I want to get better at and I definitely want to make more movies.  If you look closely, I make a cameo appearance in my movie as the monster! Scroll below to check out a few screenshots from the film and a few photos of me in full makeup and costume 😊 I also included a few pics from the night my of film debut at 12th Avenue Arts, Seattle, WA.

This movie is best viewed on a 360 headset or on a touchscreen device. The movie was filmed with a 360 degree camera so if viewing on a touch screen, slowly swipe left or right to pan around the view if you loose focus of  the main action on screen.