Ayanna Ali

I'm a 16 year-old artist based in Seattle, WA. I'm a native of Birmingham, AL but I've also called Portland, OR home. Art has always been my inspiration and through my portfolio and blog, I'm happy to share my love of art with you. I've been creating and sharing my art with the world since I was 3 years old. I love what I do and adore the creative process. I express my art through many different mediums including colored pencil illustration, acrylic painting, ceramics, oil pastels, public art (muraling) and most recently filmmaking.

When I'm not making art, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and my two cats.  Since 2016, I've been studying Chinese language and I'm inspired by the beauty and symmetry of Chinese calligraphy. I also love music and enjoy playing the upright string bass. I'm also learning filmmaking and one day I hope to also express my art through film.